Tate Access Floor Products

DBS is a proud to be a certified Tate Dealer for over 30 years, offering Tate’s Access Floors and their large selection of innovative high-end architectural finishes for all commercial buildings to create a signature style while maintaining sustainable high performance raised access floors.

Why Raised Access Flooring?

Raised access floors help create the perfect indoor environment by hiding away cables, maintaining high-quality clean air, improving personal comfort control, responding to organizational and technological changes quickly and cost-effectively. Data centers can benefit from access floors by providing pre-engineered flexible solutions to separate and organize different types of services while maintaining easy access to add and reconfigure equipment.

Steel Concore Panels:

Tate’s ConCore® (Concrete core) raised access floor panel is intended for commercial applications with a total load requirement of 1000-4000 lbs and is engineered to meet Tate Standards per CISCA testing methods. Tate’s ConCore® panels are also available as an “all steel” make, a hollow steel panels without the concrete filling, delivering high strength and durability with the convenience of a very lightweight construction.

Product Highlights

Airflow panels and Control devices

DBS offers Tate’s wide selection of airflow panels and control devices to deliver the right amount of air directly to cool down your equipment. By using the right combination of airflow panels and controls, bypass air can be nearly eliminated.

Open Air Ratio

Standard: Perforated panels have a nominal open-air ratio ranging from

25 % to 56% meet specific airflow requirements for your project.

Directional High-output panels:  Grating panels have a nominal open-air ratio ranging from 32% to 68% facilitating unrestricted smooth airflow and minimizing vibration from rolling loads.



DBS offers the full selection of Tate’s high-end finishes. Everything from fully integrated panels such as STONEWORKS, to laminated and free lay options that maintain the versatility and convenience offered by an access floor. Architects and designers now have practically unlimited freedom to create a truly unique look for any project.

Common Industries that would benefit from Rittal Enclosures/Cabinets

Why install Rittal Server Enclosures/Cabinets?

When considering safety and design flexibility, Rittal’s power isolation enclosure solution provides the capability to separate high and low voltage equipment, supporting compliance with NFPA 70E workplace safety standards.


Where are PDU Cables used?

PDU Cables can be found in almost any environment that has a raised floor. 

What is a PDU Cable?

A PDU Cable, branch circuit power distribution cable or “power whip” is a cable that carries power from a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) or Remote Power Panel (RPP) underneath a raised floor to power equipment in server rooms etc.

PDU Cables

PDU cabling and connectors are designed specifically for access and underfloor applications.

What are the AirGuard Grommets?

A round insert that can be dropped into a hole cut into an access floor panel. Used to protect the wiring insulation and the technician’s hand from being cut by sharp edges created when a panel is cut, it provides a pathway from beneath the access floor to allow for wiring equipment. Provided with a cover to prevent debris from falling through to the subfloor cavity. Typically black in color, available in several diameters ranging from 1.78″ to 8″. Sometimes called holios, sleeves, ports, trim, flange, and round molding. The split grommets allow product installation or removal without disturbing existing cables. 

Examples of areas where ESD floor finishes are used

Common areas where antistatic floor finishes are used

Where to install static control floor finishes?

Antistatic flooring should be installed in high traffic/high use networked environments to minimize nuisance static and to provide additional protection against static damage. ESD flooring should be installed anywhere the threat of uncontrolled static electricity buildup and discharge is a concern and could jeopardize the performance and operation of electronics systems or the handling, assembly, and repair of electronics. Conductive flooring should be installed in spaces where there are demands of low electrical resistance through the floor.

We can also supply floor finishes contributing to LEED points and LEED certification for your building. Contact us for more information.

Common Industries that benefit from the FreeAxez Steel Gridd Cable Management System:

Why install FreeAxez Steel Gridd Cable Management System?

Gridd is a whole building design approach that integrates cable distribution technology throughout the entire building infrastructure. The modern office needs to organize a tremendous number of cables and wires to accommodate computer networks, telephones and general power requirements. We offer Gridd solution to create organized and efficient access to your cables, making your spaces flexible and easy to rearrange.

Cable management system

DBS offers the FreeAxez Steel Gridd cable management system that is a great solution for keeping your cables clean, organized, and accessible, running in your floor rather than in the ceiling.

Airflow Panels

Standard: Perforated panels have a nominal open-air ratio ranging from

14-26% to meet specific airflow requirements inside cleanrooms.

High-output panels:  Grating panels have a nominal open-air ratio ranging from 26-55% facilitating unrestricted smooth airflow and minimizing vibration from rolling loads.

Common industries that benefit from Aluminum Raised Access Flooring

Why install Aluminum Raised Access Flooring in your clean room?

Our Aluminum access floor from Seo Kyung and Hae Kwang undergoes strict quality control to meet electrostatic or conductivity requirements. Each panel is carefully checked to eliminate any potential contaminants including adhesive residues. Allowing easy access to piping and electrical wiring that run under cleanroom floors, our aluminum panels will provide the benefits of raised access flooring while sustaining a super clean environment.